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Wolf with Sam Favret

Directed by Maxime Moulin

Everything is back to normal... But why do we feel that we've lost something? 
WOLF is a feeling, about mountains and skiing.

WOLF is the new movie with Sam Favret.
Sequel to the successful FLOW, 
made during the pandemic in Chamonix.
WOLF is quite the opposite,
and it makes us think about what was good last winter.


Skier & producer: Sam Favret -

Directed by: Maxime Moulin -


Produced by: Clustr.Films -


Drone by: Hensli Sage -

Sound Design: Mix & Mouse -

Screenplay - Jerome Llado -

Voice over: Bird - Michael Shaffer -

Photographer: Fabian Bodet -


Supported by:
Black Crows -

DB -

Bollé -


Special thanks :
Nikolai Schirmer
Sebastien Overney
Simon Morice
Yannick Boissenot
Flo Bastien


Additional cinematography
Joonas Mattila

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